Car Scratch Repair in Ipswich


Car scratches detract from the appearance of your car, lower its value and allow rust to enter the bodywork, leading to potential costs in the future. Thanks to the car scratch repair service we offer in the Ipswich and Suffolk coastal region, this isn’t something you need to worry about.

At ChipsAway Ipswich, an unsightly car scratch can be repaired on the same day, at a fraction of the cost of using a large body shop. We only repair the scratched area not the entire panel. This preserves more of the vehicle’s original finish. So whether you have a single scratch or a few areas of damage, we can restore your car to a pristine finish in just a day.

Alloy Wheel Repair in the Suffolk Coastal Area


A shiny set of alloy wheels can really enhance your vehicle and can be a good investment. You’ll also want to keep them in pristine condition to maintain the look and resale value of your vehicle. If you’ve accidentally kerbed them, then ChipsAway Ipswich can help with our alloy wheel repair service.

Our alloy wheel repair techniques for scuffed and kerbed alloy wheel rims and spokes are not only fast, but also professional and cost-effective. We are able to return alloys to their original pristine condition, whilst also helping to prevent the risk of further damage from exposure to the weather and corrosive road salts.

Bumper scuffs repair

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Damage to your car or van’s bumper affects its appearance and its value. Rather than waste money on a new bumper you can restore it to pristine condition with ChipsAway Ipswich. We can fix scuffs, cracks, scratches and dents, many of which are caused when parking!

As we only repair the actual damaged area your vehicle can be repaired on the same day. We can repair textured (grey/black) plastic bumpers, painted (colour-coded) plastic bumpers and other panels.

We use professional colour matching for all car scratch repairs, undertaken to the manufacturer’s original code specification. We never use stock paint. Our on-site computer-assisted mixing allows us to create a paint to match each panel we are painting which ensures the best possible colour matching. If you do not have the original code then our expert technicians will match the colour by eye replicating with as much accuracy as is possible to the original finish on the vehicle. We can also match pearlescent and metallic paint.

A car scratch repair undertaken by ChipsAway professionals is fully guaranteed for as long as you own the vehicle.

We are happy to carry out insurance work. Did you know you are legally entitled to choose who carries out insurance work under the Your Car, Your Choice agreement? Ask us for more details.

To make life easier for you we can collect your car from Ipswich and the Suffolk coastal area. Or you can drop it with us and (subject to booking) use our 2014 ChipsAway Ford Fiesta Zetec courtesy car free of charge on the day your vehicle is carried out. Simply book the courtesy car and bring your driving licence on the day. The car is fully insured, all we ask is that you pay for any fuel you use. We also do mobile repairs where we come to your home or workplace.